Establishing a long-term vision for the town and a broad consensus to deliver it.

The Action Group

During COVID-19 restrictions we are meeting online on the first Friday of every month

One of the unique features of our club is its Action Group which campaigns for a better business environment. Our mission statement states that we should define, encourage and facilitate an appropriate retail mix to this end our Action Group has a planning advisor who reports back to us monthly, we also take regular soundings from commercial agents, property management companies and developers

Since its formation the Action Group has taken a lead and successfully lobbied with partners and stakeholders for:

  • Service and timetable improvements for Newark on the East Coast rail lines
  • Pressed for faster rollout of superfast broadband for businesses in rural areas
  • Improvements to services on the Castle Line between Nottingham, Newark & Lincoln
  • Improved Town Centre Management
  • Established Railfair on-line petition which successfully achieved additional investment in the castle rail line
  • Free Christmas Parking for shoppers
  • Funding from the Portas fund to help revitalise the high street
  • Improvements to market place and its attractiveness
  • Research into the options for establishing a BID (Business Improvement District)
  • A modest Asda and adjacent bus station
  • Dualling of the A46 and improved traffic flow to and through the town
  • A higher business profile and attractiveness of Newark to businesses considering relocation

For more information please contact the chairman Michael Hardy on 07770 346 384